Spike Short Parkland Naming Contest/Fundraiser

Spike’s family is donating to the City a piece of property adjacent to the North Fork of the Smith River.  The property is west of the City’s baseball diamonds, at Wright Street and 3rd Avenue NW, and is where Spike played as a child.  A park will be developed on this property.  The park will be named in Spike’s honor and used “in perpetuity as a public park/wilderness walk/nature area, with an emphasis on the use, education and enjoyment of children of all ages”. 

Community members suggested names and Spike's family has chosen the following finalists:

Spike Short Memorial Riverside Park

Spike's Happy Trails

Spike's Neighborhood Park

Spike's Swamp Adventures


Voting...in the form of a fundraiser....is now open, and ends September 13, 2021. The winner will be the name receiving the highest number of votes (the most money donated). If there is a tie, then a member of the Spike Short family will pick the winner. 

Make any checks payable to City of WSS (Please put Spike Short Park Donation on the memo line.)

how to votE

Vote by placing your vote (donation) in the "voting machines" located in City Hall or in the travelling "voting machines" that will be available at different functions.


Vote by placing your donation in a sealed envelope with your favorite name on the envelope. Bring the envelope to City Hall and either give it to one of the clerks or drop it in the payment drop box.